Marching Into March (Paintbrush in Hand)

It is a great feeling when Spring is in the air; the daffodils and buds are blooming, and the world seems to be waking up from a long winters rest! It is an exciting and busy time in my ‘mini-studio’ creating things for Mother’s Day, planning designs for Easter (which is not far away) as well as doodling, and drawing the occasional commission! As well as all of this busyness, I make sure to take a mindful minute, to look around, smell the fresh air and notice the little things that easily pass us by, like nesting birds, cloud formations and a different, warmer sunlight that rests on my garden, creating unusual shadows and highlights. There is so much to be inspired by and also to hope for with the coming season. In a world where nothing stays the same. We might have felt like things have stayed the same for a long time, with the current situation and pandemic, but ultimately, nature carries on and the seasons bring freshness, movement, change and new and brilliant things. I hope you too are feeling that sense of awakening and hopefulness! We all experience these things in different ways, through different perspectives, but whatever your outlook on life – I hope you find the right one which brings you mindful moments, a ‘spring’ in your step (pardon the pun) as well as the treasures at the end of the rainbow when you keep looking, hoping, learning and growing! God bless you all, and as always I very much appreciate the support of each one of you! Sally x

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