Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!

Hi friends. I wanted to share a poem and drawing with you today, inspired by a trip down to my local beach. The poem is titled Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, because it has been a cold old day today and earlier I had decided to go for a swim! I am inspired by my experiences, and like to reflect on them in creative ways. I hope you enjoy it!

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

9.30am, ‘run o’clock’
The sea path beckons
Come end of September
Maybe theres warmth in the water yet?

My enthusiasm drums up courage
Along the path I run
Drawn in by the salty air
The promise brought by a new dawn
Undaunted I drift along to the waters edge

Sun shines down
Yet wind is picking up
I stop, drop my running gear
Ready for some tranquility
I dont doubt my ability
I must show these onlookers what I’m made of

Tip toe tip toe ….dip
Ah, dont remember cold like this?
Deep coldness runs up my leg
Relays the message to my brain
Do you know how cold this is?
Surely you wont jump in?

I face a mind over matter battle
Will I wont I swim
I freeze. I fight my inner voice
You’ve come all this way
Then again, no way,
Remove all hope of comfort?
Enter into a cold icy grave?

I make a choice
A bold decision
Feelings hold me back
But I am fierce today
I kind of go against my thinking
My body takes over
And runs in
Before I know it I’m waist deep
And then shoulders under
Splashing for my life
It is as blood frostingly
Skin numbingly cold as I’d expected
Shock waves fill my bones
A quick full immersion except my head
In fact two attempts

And then a hasty retreat
Out of the piercing coldness
Of the murky abyss

Another world at 9.30 I’ll leave off my list
But an inner smile
An invisible pat on the back
I did that
I didn’t let fear hold me back
I won the battle of my thoughts
So it might just be
That I can do anything
When I feel the fear but
Do it anyway

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